This represents the final stage of discipleship and takes a church member to the CORE of their walk with Christ. The goal is to have all the church members living as a missionary in their circles of influence… such as work, family, and leisure. This is the ministry of every believer. They will be investing and inviting people to find purpose and meaning.

A class will be offered to give training to our core members that will equip them to serve as missionaries in their daily lives. This class will include:

  1. Evangelism — building bridges.
  2. Suicide care
  3. Grief care
  4. Critical incidents
  5. Financial crisis
  6. Marriage and divorce
  7. Legal issues
  8. Jails and detention centers
  9. Hospital care
  10. Substance abuse
  11. How to be a missionary in your circle of influence

Our mission is to live for people and teach them how to reach Christ in their everyday lives!